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The Classical Seat Series by Sylvia Loch (VHS Tape)

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    The Classical Seat video series, by Sylvia Loch, is designed for the everyday rider who wants to move their dressage skills to the next level. The essence of classical riding is being 'at one' and in tune with the horse. Each Video is sold separately.

    The first tape in the series is titled A Guide For The Everyday Rider and takes the rider back through the basics to develop a strong foundation for the more advanced work which follows. Techniques for working the horse 'deep', and encouraging lengthening through the neck are clearly shown: as are the leg and seat aids for collection, extension and lateral work.

    The second video in the series is called Advancing the Novice Horse and Rider. The video demonstrates the preparatory work necessary to rebalance the horse which is the first requirement for putting the horse on the aids. Training exercises, such as, circle work, turning on the hocks, the balanced turn, good corners and how to prepare the horse for lateral work are discussed in detail.

    The third video in the series is called Advancing the Elementary Horse and Rider. The video concentrates on greater collection as the horse consolidates his early schooling in shoulder-in, travers, and figurework show in Classical Seat 2. Sylvia places great emphasis on the rider's seat and balance through the correct aiding process. Nuances of seat, leg and hand are explained in detail. Many dressage movements are also demonstrated with the focus on lightness and balance.

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