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Blanket & Sheet Sizing

Are the sizes of pony blankets and sheets standardized?
NO! Sizes of pony blankets and sheets are not standardized and vary in size and shape between brands. There are two general types of cuts with very different sizing - the 'European' cut and the 'American' cut.

Sizing also varies between manufacturers and even within a brand. Weatherbeetas are typically roomier than Horseware. Within Horseware, Amigo blankets run a little smaller than Horseware Rhino and Rambo blankets.

We test most of the new blankets and sheets and are familiar with how they fit. If you have any questions, please contact us.

How do I measure for a pony blanket or sheet?
It's easier to have a helper but you can do it yourself. Start by standing your pony up square. Use a flexible measuring tape and start at the center of the pony's chest and measure around the widest part of the pony's shoulder along the barrel and around the widest part of the hindquarter to the center of the tail.

Keep the tape horizontal to the ground. It's a good idea to measure a couple of times to check yourself.

This measurement is the size in inches you will need for a typical 'American' cut blnaket or sheet. If the measurement is an odd number, order the next larger size. For a European cut blanket or sheet, subtract 3 inches from your measurement and order the closest size.

What other factors influence blanket and sheet size?

  • Height of pony
  • Age of pony
  • Build of pony
  • Length of pony
  • Breed of pony

Is there a rule of thumb for blanket size based on the pony's height?
Yes, but this is a guideline only! Height alone is not the most accurate way to get the right size blanket.

The size in inches is for the typical 'American' cut blanket or sheet that comes in 2-inch increments. The other factors discussed in the previous points must also be taken into consideration.

We can help you get the right size blanket or sheet - please contact us if you have any questions!