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Equifit Essential® BitTape™ (Bit Wrap), 1" x 120"

  • Product Description

    A discreet & comfortable silicone wrap to help prevent bit pinching & create a gentle feel that horses and ponies love. Essential BitTape is a new approach to a long-trusted training aid.

    It's designed for multiple uses depending on application & style of bit. BitTape softens the bit for sensitive horses and helps prevent pinching. Wrapping creates a smooth surface on chewed up bits, extending the life of bits. It's easy to use - cut to your preferred length and store the remaining in the resealable plastic bag.

    • Cushioned Comfort for bits
    • Use on bit corners to prevent pinching
    • Self-adhering, easy to apply
    • Resealable plastic storage bag

    Size: 1" x 120"

    Directions for Use:

    • Start with a clean & dry workspace to ensure proper adherence.
    • Cut your desired length of BitTape. Average horse bit takes approx. 6-12".
    • Gently pre-stretch the BitTape material.
    • Place the starting edge on the front of the bit to avoid creating a bump.
    • Overlap the BitTape approx. 50% onto itself.
    • Once wrapped, squeeze the material firmly.
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