Camelot Anti-Grazing Device

Camelot Anti-Grazing Device

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    The Camelot Anti-Grazing Device can break ponies or horses of bad habits. These strong nylon reins are great aid for youngsters and are adjustable to fit most animals.

    The anti-grazing device is made from 3/4'' brown nylon. The crown piece of the device attaches to the pony's bridle with Velcro tabs. The reins are then snapped to the bit and to the dee rings on the front of the saddle.

    There is a buckle adjustment on each rein that will allow the device to be used on different size animals. The anti-grazing reins adjust from 35 1/2 to 45 inches but they can be made smaller (28 inches) by adding more holes.

    Color: Brown

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    1. Very happy with it.

      Helped my 5 yr old daughter with her overweight pony who was diving bombing for the grass during my daughter’s lessons since she lives with a grass muzzle 24/7. Has kept my daughter from being turned into a lawn dart and it’s easy to leave attached to her bridle and clip onto the saddle when tacking up. We’re also able to leave it fairly loose so it doesn’t interfere with the pony stretching her neck as wanted, it only catches her when she tries to graze. on Nov 26th 2020

    2. A useful gadget

      I dont usually like gadgets but for whatever reason our pony started bucking with my daughter and not just an irritated buck. A off with you buck. This is meant for stopping grazing but also works as a nice reminder to keep her head up or her mouth gets a pull if she even thinks about bucking. Was impressed with the quality and ease of adjustment. The price point was even better. on Nov 20th 2020

    3. Works Great

      I had tried a few other things for a new pony who rides and drives. It was nearly impossible to work him on grass because he was obsessed with stopping to eat. This device works easily and effectively. It's easy to swap to another bridle so I can use it when driving or when children are riding him. The only thing I would change is to make the snaps smaller. They're kind of large and bulky and swing around. It's only a problem when putting it on. You just have to be careful not to conk them in the head. It's fine when it's all fastened in place though. on Aug 30th 2017

    4. Good product

      High quality nylon straps and sturdy snaps and buckles. I use these for my medium pony when I put tiny kids on him. on Dec 14th 2016

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