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Haas Brush

Haas Roly-Poly Unicorn Dandy Brush, Pink or Silver

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Haas Roly-Poly Unicorn Dandy Brush, Pink or Silver

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These cute Pink and Silver kid's dandy brushes are part of the Haas Roly-Poly Unicorn collection. It's the perfect brush for kids and ponies - it's narrow and light, making it effortless to hold. Its short, stiff bristles let you easily remove dirt, mud, sweat and loose hair.

Each brush has a unicorn logo with the words Pummel Einhorn (German for Roly-Poly Unicorn). The pink brush even has sparkles on the back!

Haas brushes are made in Germany and they're known for their high quality and unique designs.

Size: 7" x 2" with 1 1/4 inch bristles

Colors: Pink with Pink & White bristles or Silver with Lavender & White bristles