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Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Universal, 16 mm, Sensogan, 4.5"

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Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Universal, 16 mm, Sensogan, 4.5"

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The Herm Sprenger KK Ultra Sensogan® Universal Bit has a 16mm Sensogan mouthpiece with a center link that is rotated 45° to rest smoothly on the tongue. This design helps promote a sensitive and precise connection between the rider and the horse. 70mm rings are stainless steel.

Sensogan mouthpiece metal is a blend of copper, zinc and manganese. It has a pleasant taste that encourages salivation and bit acceptance.

Favorite Features:

  • Anatomically adapted mouthpiece with the middle link angled forward by 45 degrees
  • Helps to create more control over strong horses that evade contact
  • 4 different rein options
  • Based on the rein setup, you can vary the degree of lever action intensity
  • Can be used with a curb strap to limit the poll pressure and add lower jaw pressure
  • The lever action has a slight delay due to the lateral offset position of the upper ring
  • A good choice for more technically difficult questions & courses

Size: 4.5"