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Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger Novocontact Double Jointed Dee, Sensogan, 4.5"

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Herm Sprenger Novocontact Double Jointed Dee, Sensogan, 4.5"

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Novocontact bits are designed to create a unique oval shape which widens the contact surface on the tongue while the rider keeps a steady contact. As the rider gives a rein aid the mouthpiece turns forward and the contact surface gets narrower, ensuring more precise and effective communication. 

Double jointed novocontact bits are ideal to use on horses that occasionally tend to pull against the hand, but are too sensitive to be ridden with stronger bits.

This style bit is suitable for horses with sensitive corners on their mouths, as they prevent them from being pinched which can happen with loose ring snaffles.

Genuine patented Sensogan bits are manufactured only by Herm Sprenger. Sensogan has high oxidation properties and provides a pleasant taste to encourage chewing activity and easy acceptance of the bit. Sensogan mouth pieces have an elegant white-gold color compared to the more copper colored Aurigan mouth pieces. Sensogan bits are easy to care for and keep their elegant appearance over a long period of time.

  • Wide contact surface on tongue
  • Provides effective communication
  • Double jointed
  • Eggbutt dee style prevents pinching
  • Sensogan mouth encourages chewing & acceptance
  • Stainless steel rings
  • Ring size - 3" X 2.75"
  • 16 mm (.63") thickness

Size: 4.5"