A New Rhino Wug for Posey

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Hi! It's me, Posey. I'm a 9 month old Welsh Section B filly and I just got my first turnout! My full name is Rosehaven Pocketful of Posies but everybody calls me Posey.

It got really cold and rainy and there was even some white stuff mixed in. So my owner put a new Rhino wug on me and it keeps me nice and dry and warm. Now I'm just like the big ponies in my paddock - my older sister Slipper and my good friend Swyn. They both have Horseware turnouts on too.

The wugs are really nice because the higher neck keeps my chest and lower neck dry and it still allows me to play and have fun. There are big reflective strips on my turnout too so when it's dark I can easily be found.

Everybody is telling me I'm a big girl now, especially since I have my own turnout.