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Is There a Trick to Getting Tails Really White?

Is There a Trick to Getting Tails Really White?

I show a lot of grey ponies in hand at Welsh shows and in hunter breeding classes at hunter shows. The one question I’m most often asked is ‘How do you get your ponies tails so white?’

So, how is it done? I use the best products for cleaning and care that I’ve figured out from years of trial and error. The skin and tails on grey ponies can be quite sensitive to harsh cleaners. Although these can whiten, they can leave the skin pink and irritated.

My favorite whitening shampoo that really works and is gentle on the skin is Carr Day and Martin’s Gallop Colour Enhancing Shampoo for Greys. I first wash the tail in a regular horse shampoo such as Vetrolin Bath (it works well and smells great!) After rinsing well, I generously apply the Gallop shampoo and let it sit for about five minutes. Then I rinse well and apply a detangler (I like Vetrolin Detangler Concentrate). Comb out and I'm ready to show!

Ponies are Rosehaven Lady Slipper and Rosehaven Pocketful of Posies, shown by myself and Greg Kulp, Jacob Ray Farm.

Jul 14th 2023 Sally Steinmetz

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