Rain Belle and Minuet Head South

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Two Rosehaven ponies, Rain Belle and Minuet, are heading south for warmer weather!

They're lucky to be missing the frigid, windy conditions that have descended upon Maryland. They both have 5" pony standing bandages over Wilkers pillow wraps - a very traditional and safe way to wrap your ponies legs for traveling.

Since Minuet is body clipped, she's wearing a Baker plaid dress sheet to ward of the early morning chill. It's the perfect cover for traveling as it's not too heavy plus it has a very traditional look. They're wearing one of my favorite halters - the Pro-Trainer padded halter. Made with a nice quality leather, they have soft padding on the nose and crown and solid brass hardware.

Belle and Minuet are very seasoned travelers as they've gone to shows up and down the East coast. They're best friends and for this trip they were happy to travel together in one box stall.