Posey Has Visitors

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We love having visitors to our farm and so do the young ponies! There's just something magnetic about foals and kids. I guess it's that the foals are happy to have someone 'their size'.

Recently, KiMani and Victoria, local pony riders, came for a visit and were thrilled to go in the paddock and visit Posey. She's a 7 month old Welsh section B filly and her registered name is Rosehaven Pocketful of Posies. She was named by Ella Doerr after we posted a request for flower names for the unnamed filly. We're keeping with the flower tradition as her dam is Land's End Honeysuckle and her grand-dam is Land's End Bellflower.

The girls loved visiting Posey and she was happy to be led around the paddock and even trotted for them. She loves attention, kisses and to be groomed. Watch for photos of her on JFP as I'm sure she'll be used to model products!