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Neoprene Comfort Dressage Girth 14" - 26"

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    The Vinyl Comfort Dressage Girth is made from very soft, vinyl coated fabric. The humane buckle system adjusts automatically for a perfect fit. The girth is very soft and flexible.

    Stainless roller buckles on nylon straps are at both ends. Wear-guards are under the buckles at each ends to prevent wearing.

    The girth is easy care, washable and anti-fungal - ideal for high humidity areas and girthy ponies and horses.

    Color: Black

    Sizes: 14 - 26 Inches

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    1. Very comfortable girth. Well designed. Good value.

      The adjustable buckle system is much more comfortable and easy to use then the straight buckles. Also, the neoprene behind the buckles extends quite far above the buckles eliminating pinching. My pony doesn’t turn to me with ears back when I tighten this girth, and he did with the one he wore prior! on Oct 3rd 2022

    2. Nice pony girth

      Like a few other reviewers, I bought this girth to use with a Wintec Childs Leadline Saddle, on our miniature horses.

      I called Just For Ponies before I ordered anything, and they recommended this girth in 14". We will be using the saddle and girth on 2 miniature horses, with measurements of 48" and 50".

      This fits both of our mini's nicely, with plenty of adjustment left. It's actually a little nicer, and more substantial than I anticipated. Made from a perforated, neoprene-like material, nylon webbing, and roller buckles, they make it easy to get the saddle nice and tight.

      Our mini's are very green, and this is the first saddle they've ever had on them, besides the gig saddles on their ground driving kit. They both seemed not to mind it at all, both have free range of motion, with nothing rubbing, or touching anywhere it shouldn't be. The girth stays in place, and it has attachments and pouches, to run the saddle billets through, so there's no billets dangling after saddling.

      I don't see why, with proper cleaning and storage, this girth won't last us for many years of pony rides. I can't say anything about the longer versions, but I can definitely recommend the short version of this girth. It's a good girth for the price.
      on Jun 15th 2021

    3. Not at all as described

      The girth is very stiff and heavy. The squared-off ends poke into the horse, and it is not shaped to accommodate the horse's elbows. Additionally, there are no pockets for the excess length of billets (normal for shorties) so they just dangle from the buckles. on Apr 27th 2021

    4. Great service and products

      Wonderful! Very helpful and accommodating service, perfect products on Apr 12th 2021

    5. Amazing Girth for Pony

      I searched for a while to use on our small pony with our Wintec Leadline saddle. Finally I came across this girth. I ordered it and its great. Quality built, fits great. on Jan 26th 2021

    6. Secure, confortable

      Seemed a little big, long past the buckles, but pony seems to like it. 16” girth for 38” pony works ok, probably could have done the 14” as well. Using with the Wintec leadline saddle. on Jun 16th 2020

    7. Still love it

      I've had a longer girth for my horse for years. I was very sad that I couldn't find a small size to fit my smaller Arabians. Just For Ponies saved the day! They now each have a comfortable girth that's easy for me to clean. We're all happy. on Jun 2nd 2018

    8. A girth that fits

      It is hard to find dressage girths short enough for ponies and this one is great. Also very stretchy so easy to tighten. on Aug 25th 2017

    9. Pony girth

      I think this 16 inch girth will work great. It has good crisscross pull so I don't think it will roll on the pony. on Jan 12th 2017

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