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Senior Horse Care

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Senior Horse Care

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If your equine friend is 15 years or older, this book is for you! It's like having a senior horse specialist in your barn. Will your equine be fit and shiny when he's in his 20's? It's not entirely up to genes and chance. Your care and management can make a difference in how well he ages. It's all here in this book.

There's over 420 pages of insights, care and management tips plus red-alert signposts designed specifically to help your aging horse. In every chapter you'll find tips and valuable insights you can use today, to help your senior horse live long, live strong, and live as young as he possibly can.

Senior Signposts - You'll be asked a series of yes-no questions based on signs you observe and you'll be given an Action Plan based on your answers. Topics include all facets of equine health (15 chapters in all) from weight loss to respiratory changes to lameness to reproductive changes and everything in between! 
Common Age Problems - Includes a full explanation, signposts and treatment/management tips for common age related disorders such as colic, cancer, cushing's and heaves. 
Senior Horse Care - Step-by-step ways to care for your senior including tooth care, adjusted exercise, feeding and much more.
Glossary and Index Use this for at-a glance information on age-related conditions.

431 Pages, Soft Cover, 8 1/4'' x 10 7/8''.