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Herm Sprenger

Herm Sprenger Comfort Mouth Mullen Loose Ring, 4.25" & 4.75"

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Herm Sprenger Comfort Mouth Mullen Loose Ring, 4.25" & 4.75"

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Herm Sprenger bits have outstanding German quality and are professionally developed using unique materials and the finest workmanship.

Comfort Mouth – the name speaks for itself. The mouthpiece provides the horse with ultimate comfort and makes it accepting of the riders hand. The port offers broad space for long and fleshy tongues. The bit helps to prevent tongue vices in an ideal way.

Loose Ring snaffles are the most common types of bit. They provide direct pressure without leverage. When the reins are pulled the rider’s aids are directed onto the tongue and its edges.

Genuine patented Aurigan bits are manufactured only by Herm Sprenger. Aurigan is a perfect mixture of materials (85% copper, 4% silicon and 11% zinc). Aurigan has high oxidation properties and provides a pleasant taste to encourage chewing activity and easy acceptance of the bit.

Size: 4.25" and 4.75" with 70 mm (2.75") rings & 16 mm mouth piece

Note: The 4.25" bit has pretty large rings, 3 1/4 inches for the outside dimension.