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John Patterson Jointed Pelham, 4.5"

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    These quality eggbutt jointed pelham bits are unique in their design and more comfortable for your pony. The bits are perfect for training or regular use on any pony that must have maximum comfort in order to deliver top level performance.

    Regular jointed pelham bits have nearly straight mouthpiece sections which exert severe direct pressure on the tongue and bars when you take back on the reins. The highly curved sections of the JP bit eliminate the "nutcracker" action and stop the bit from hitting the roof of the mouth. The curve shape also allows room for the ponies tongue and eliminates interference that conventional bits can cause.

    The cheek length is 5 1/4 inches. The JP bit is available 4 1/2 inches.

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    1. Horse and Rider Happy with this Pelham bit

      Repeat buyer...bought this bit to solve issues that presented themselves at horse show. Trying another avenue, the pelham bit is USEF legal and affordable at the the same time obvious quality. Love the shank construction designed not to pinch as the shank swivels. Bit is balanced...very nice bit for the cost. AND, Warren is amazing sending shipping communications...appreciate his efforts and consdieration also fast shipping...THANK YOU Warren. Love Just for Ponies as my horse has a small mouth and finding small can be difficult. Great staff and products, Again, THANK YOU for all! on Sep 2nd 2022

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